15 Useful DIY Hobbies To Start (with 70+ DIY Project Ideas)

DIY Hobbies

If you are bored and are looking for a fun yet useful hobby, then you should consider picking up a DIY hobby.

What is a DIY Hobby?

A DIY hobby is a hobby that involves carrying out DIY activities during your free time for pleasure.

But what is DIY?

DIY is an acronym that stands for Do It Yourself. In DIY, you carry out activities (especially in and around your house) by yourself instead of hiring a professional to do it for you.

DIY is a broad term and it can mean different things to different people. However, here are some common activities that fall under the term DIY.

  • Building, decoration, or repairs around the home or garden, for example, adding kitchen cabinets, installing a patio, or creating a home office.
  • Arts and crafts projects that increase the aesthetic or functional value of a home, for example, creating a wallpaper for a feature wall , making a stand-up desk, or making a macramé wall hanging.
  • Repair and maintenance of equipment that we regularly use at home, such as computers, kitchen appliances, or TVs.
  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles such as cars, ATVs, bicycles, or motorbikes.
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Benefits of DIY Hobbies

DIY hobbies have plenty of benefits that can enrich your life. DIY hobbies will:

  • Make you money. Once you get good at DIY activities, you can make a decent income by helping others.
  • Save you money. You can save thousands of dollars by doing things yourself instead of engaging a professional.
  • Help you to be more creative. You can use your creativity to make improvements at home. Many of the DIY hobbies mentioned below will provide you with opportunities to be more creative.
  • Help you to gain valuable skills. You will learn practical skills like repair, decoration, building, and crafts. These skills will help you in many areas of your life.
  • Look good in your CV. You can boost your chances of getting a job by including DIY skills in your resume.
  • Help you to relax and have fun. DIY hobbies are great for passing time enjoyably.

In this article, I will go through:

  • The most useful DIY hobbies you can try.
  • The benefits of each type of DIY hobby.
  • Interesting DIY project ideas you can start.
  • The best courses to start learning DIY skills.

Let us dive in.

The Best DIY Hobbies

1. Interior Décor

Interior décor involves decorating the interior of a building (such as a home or office) using elements like furniture, rugs, or wall hangings.

If you feel like your house needs a refresh, this is a hobby that you can consider taking up.

Interior decor

> The Benefits of an Interior Décor Hobby

With an interior décor hobby:

  • You get to express yourself. You can design your house exactly how you want it. You can have a comfortable house that reflects who you are.
  • You can increase the value of your house. If done tastefully, interior décor can increase the value of your house. This is an advantage if you want to sell it or leverage your mortgage.
  • You can make a great first impression. You can use your house to showcase your creativity, style, and tastes. It can be a place of joy and wonder for your visitors.

> Interior Décor DIY Project Ideas

Here are some interior décor DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Set up a reading nook.
  2. Spruce up your entryway.
  3. Turn your garage into a stylish gym.
  4. Install mood lighting.
  5. Turn a bedroom into a home office.

> Beginner Interior Décor Course

Get started with interior design using the Interior Decorating: Redesign Your Home with Upcycling course available at Domestika (Note: You can try this course for free with Domestika Plus).

2. Car Detailing

Car detailing is the process of improving your car’s interior and exterior appearance through activities like washing, polishing, waxing, and removing odors.

> The Benefits of a Car Detailing Hobby

Car detailing is a great hobby to pick up because:

  • You will save money on car detailing services. Car detailing costs an average of $150 in the US, but could be more depending on where you live.
  • You will always have a pristine-looking car. Even if your car is old, it can look as good as new.
  • Your car will have a high resale value. If your car looks good, you can sell it at a higher price.

> Car Detailing DIY Project Ideas

Here are some fun car detailing DIY projects you can do by yourself.

  1. Brighten up the headlights.
  2. Wax and polish the exterior of your car.
  3. Recondition dull leather and vinyl seats.
  4. Lubricate door hinges.
  5. Vacuum the seats and carpet.
  6. Remove bad odors.

> Beginner Car Detailing Course

Learn the basics of car detailing from the How to Start a Car Detailing Business course available at Udemy

3. Carpentry or Woodworking

Carpentry and Woodworking are related hobbies that involve working with wood. If you like the smell and feel of wood, then these hobbies might be ideal for you.

> The Benefits of a Carpentry or Woodworking Hobby

Carpentry and Woodworking are great hobbies to start because:

  • Wood is an easy material to work with and there are many beginner-friendly projects that you can try.
  • You will gain skills that help you to engage in additional hobbies such as interior décor, upcycling, and homesteading.
  • You can earn a decent salary. A carpenter in the US makes $60,000 a year on average.

> Carpentry and Woodworking DIY Project Ideas

Here are some carpentry and woodworking DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Make a planter wall garden.
  2. Make a hanging pallet bed.
  3. Make a wood wall accent.
  4. Make a mini-bar shelf.
  5. Create a floating box shelf.

> Beginner Woodworking/Carpentry Course

A good course for getting started with carpentry/woodworking is the Woodworking: Build Your First Piece of Furniture course available at Domestika (Note: You can try this course for free with Domestika Plus).

4. Auto/Car Repair

If you own a car, an auto repair hobby can be a useful hobby to pick up. Auto repair is especially popular with guys, but anyone can do it.

Auto Repair

> The Benefits of an Auto/Car Repair Hobby

Here are some important benefits of an auto repair hobby.

  • You can save a ton of money that you would have otherwise spent on mechanics.
  • Your car’s performance and safety will improve dramatically.
  • You will extend your car’s lifespan. You don’t have to waste money replacing cars after a few years.

This hobby goes well with the auto detailing hobby.

> Auto/Car Repair DIY Project Ideas

You can start an auto repair hobby by doing simple servicing tasks. Alternatively, you can buy an old car and try to restore it.

Here are some auto/car DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Replace worn out brake pads.
  2. Replace dull headlights.
  3. Fix the power lock and windows.
  4. Change oil.
  5. Replace oil and air filters.

> Beginner Auto Repair Course

You can learn the basics of auto repair from the following courses

  • Car Mechanic Training course available at Alison.
  • Car Mechanic and Electrician Training course available at Udemy.

5. Landscaping

Landscaping involves altering the land around your house and adding features that make it more attractive and functional.

Turning your backyard into a delightful sanctuary can be expensive unless you decide to do it yourself.

> The Benefits of a Landscaping Hobby

Landscaping is a useful hobby to have because:

  • You can extend the living space in your house by creating an outdoor space. You can entertain your guests without worrying about space.
  • You will have the best-looking yard in your neighborhood. Everyone will want to hang out at your house.
  • You can increase the value of your home by having an aesthetic backyard.

> Landscaping DIY Project Ideas

Here are some landscaping DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Create a fountain for your garden.
  2. Install a flagstone path.
  3. Create a rock garden.
  4. Install string lighting for your porch.
  5. Build a custom fire pit.

> Beginner Landscaping Course

To get started with landscape design, you can check out the following courses.

  • Diploma in Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture and Site Planning available at Alison.
  • Fundamentals of Garden Design available at Udemy.

6. Upcycling

Upcycling involves refurbishing or improving old objects to increase their value. Often, upcycled items become more beautiful and valuable than they previously were.

You can upcycle anything, for example, furniture, fashion, old tires, and flip-flops.

> The Benefits of an Upcycling Hobby

Upcycling is a great hobby to pick up because:

  • It is beneficial for the environment. Upcycling helps to keep items out of landfills by giving them a new lease on life.
  • It is profitable. You can make decent money by buying cheap items at places like eBay and reselling them for a profit after refurbishment.
  • You get to preserve historical craftsmanship. Some historical crafts techniques will die out unless we get people who are interested in preserving these traditions.

> Upcycling DIY Project Ideas

Here are some upcycling DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Turn mason jars into lanterns.
  2. Turn plastic bottles into planters.
  3. Turn an old dresser into a bathroom sink cabinet.
  4. Turn an old dining table into a kitchen island.
  5. Turn an old bed into a garden seat.

> Beginner Upcycling Course

To quickly get started with upcycling, check out the Upcycling Vintage Furniture course available at Domestika.

7. Tech and Electronics DIY

The world runs on tech and electronics. If you can master these two skills, you can open up plenty of opportunities for yourself.

Examples of great tech and electronics hobbies include coding, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, photo editing, ham radio, video, game design, and many more.

Electronics Repair

> The Benefits of a Tech and Electronics Hobby

Tech and electronics hobbies are great to have because:

  • They don’t need much space. You can do them in a small corner of your house or apartment. They are ideal for when you can’t get out of your house (for example, during winter).
  • They help you to learn about the world of tech. Understanding new technology helps you to spot and take advantage of emerging opportunities.
  • You learn in-demand skills. Tech skills like coding are in high demand, and you can easily get a well-paying job.

> Tech and Electronics DIY Project Ideas

Here are some tech and electronics DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Automate your home (window blinds, lights, heating).
  2. Make a home security system.
  3. Create an RIFD door access for your pet.
  4. Make an automatic tracker for solar panels.
  5. Modify your treadmill to generate power.

> Beginner Tech and Electronics Course

For an in-depth introduction to electronics, check out The Complete Electronics Course available at Udemy.

8. Crafts DIY

Crafting is the process of making useful things with your hands.

You can do all kinds of crafts, such as knitting, weaving, carving, pottery, and leatherwork.

In the context of DIY, you can make all kinds of aesthetic and functional items for homes and offices.

> The Benefits of a Crafts DIY Hobby

Some of the benefits of a Crafts DIY hobby include:

  • You get to work with your hands. Crafting will keep you away from screens and engage your senses. You will also improve your fine motor skills.
  • You gain skills that you can monetize. With crafting skills, you can provide services to your neighbors or sell your crafts.
  • You relax. Crafting helps you to get into a flow state where time and space seem to disappear. This meditative state can be great for dealing with stress.

> Crafts DIY Project Ideas

Here are some crafty DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Make a Macramé Wall hanging.
  2. Make a driftwood mirror frame.
  3. Make a photo wall.
  4. Make a wine cork curtain.
  5. Build a glass mosaic tabletop.

> Beginner Crafts DIY Course

To get started with crafts, choose a craft that is cheap and easy to start. For example, you can try the Beaded Jewellery Design course, which is available at Domestika.

Domestika also have many other craft courses including Macrame, Amigurumi, and Etsy courses.

9. Art DIY

Art DIY hobbies help you to express your emotions and communicate ideas. Examples of such hobbies include painting, drawing, photography, sculpting, and other visual arts. See my article on Types of Art for more examples.

Further reading: If you enjoy doing creative activities like music, art, or performing, check out my list of the best creative hobbies (150+) you can take up.

> The Benefits of an Art DIY Hobby

Here are the main benefits of an Art DIY hobby.

  • Art DIY hobbies are cheap and easy to get into because most of the materials you need will be inexpensive.
  • Art DIY hobbies complement hobbies, such as interior décor, craft DIY, upcycling, and architecture.
  • You build your creativity. Art is one of the most creative activities you can take up. You become better at being creative the more you work at it.

> Art DIY Project Ideas

Here are some art DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Make a Wallpaper feature wall.
  2. Paint a mural.
  3. Make a cross-stitch wall art.
  4. Make a collage wall map.
  5. Make a Photographic wall mural.

> Beginner Art DIY Course

To get started with art, choose an art style that you enjoy. You could begin with something simple like sketching. A good course on this is The Art of Sketching: Transform Your Doodles into Art course available at Domestika.

10. Masonry

Masonry involves building structures or making crafts using materials such as stone, brick, or concrete.

Masonry is a cornerstone of many building techniques. It is a skill that you can use in many of your DIY activities.

> The Benefits of a Masonry Hobby

Having masonry skills comes with numerous benefits including:

  • You can come up with many fun projects. If you have good masonry skills, you can expand the range of DIY projects you can do.
  • You can work with a variety of materials. Masonry allows you to work with various materials such as stone, brick, and concrete. This helps you to be flexible in bringing your ideas to life.
  • You can leverage your skills to travel. If you enjoy traveling, you can volunteer to build houses for underprivileged people abroad.

> Masonry DIY Project Ideas

Here are some masonry DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Create a retaining wall for your backyard.
  2. Make a cinder block planter.
  3. Make a brick accent wall.
  4. Make a bird bath for your garden.
  5. Make a pizza oven.

> Beginner Masonry Course

Check out the Introduction to Masonry course available at Alison.

11. Metalwork

Metalwork involves making useful and decorative items from various types of metal, such as bronze, steel, or gold.

Metal is an interesting material to work with, so if you like a bit of a challenge, this is the hobby for you.

Metal work

> The Benefits of a Metalwork Hobby

Although metal is a bit harder to work with, metal work has some compelling benefits.

  • You can create unique structures and sculptures that will help your house to stand out.
  • You gain skills that you can use to get well-paying jobs, especially in industries like oil and gas, or renewables.
  • If you have an entrepreneurial streak, you can create your own metalwork shop and make custom items for people.

> Metalwork DIY Project Ideas

Here are some metalwork DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Create an all-weather garden bench.
  2. Create metal sculptures for your garden or entryway.
  3. Build a storage rack for your home gym.
  4. Make a barbecue grill.
  5. Create a garden trellis.

> Beginner Metalwork Course

You can get started with metalwork using the Metal Furniture Design and Creation course available at Domestika.

12. Electrical DIY

An electrical DIY hobby involves working with electricity and electrical equipment. This hobby can be can be tricky to get into because of the high risk of fire or shock. In most cases, you need to go through a course and get certified to engage in this hobby safely.

> The Benefits of an Electrical Hobby

Here are the major benefits of an electrical hobby.

  • You can tap opportunities in other hobbies. Because many tasks and activities require electricity, being good at this hobby will help you to engage in other hobbies such as interior décor, car repair, clean energy, and electronics.
  • You can turn an electrical hobby into a great career. Electricians earn about $60,000 a year and have low unemployment rates (2.6%).
  • If you enjoy variety, an electrical hobby is great because you can work with various types of equipment, vehicles, tools, and instruments, for example, cars, medical, and communication equipment.

> Electrical DIY Project Ideas

Here are some electrical DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Change your old bulbs to energy-efficient LED lights.
  2. Install solar lamps in your garden.
  3. Change faulty switches.
  4. Install a video doorbell.
  5. Install light dimmers.

> Beginner Electrical Course

Alison has several electrical courses that you can take such as Understanding Basic Electricity.

13. Plumbing

Plumbing is an often overlooked but important skill to have because of the sheer number of problems requiring plumbing knowledge.

Plumbers fix problems related to potable water delivery, waste removal, and heating/cooling (HVAC).

> The Benefits of a Plumbing Hobby

Good plumbing knowledge will help you to:

  • Build self-reliance. You can fix many simple things around your house without the headache of getting a professional.
  • Troubleshoot. If your house floods in the middle of the night, you know exactly what to do. This can save you thousands of dollars in water damage.
  • Avoid water loss. Leaky taps, broken pipes, and inefficient toilets can increase your water bill. Also, you will be doing your bit for the environment by fixing water problems.

> Plumbing DIY Project Ideas

Here are some basic plumbing DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Replace a faulty shower head.
  2. Fix a leaky tap.
  3. Install a dishwasher.
  4. Install a garbage disposal unit.

> Beginner Plumbing Course

To get started with basic plumbing, check out the Introduction to Plumbing course available at Alison.

14. Architecture

Architecture involves designing, planning, and constructing buildings and other structures.

You may need to be certified to engage in certain aspects of architecture, but there are still plenty of activities you can do without certification.

An architecture hobby will allow you to explore your creativity in new ways, especially if you love buildings.

You can have plenty of fun playing around with various 3D modeling software or building scale models.


> The Benefits of an Architecture Hobby

An architecture hobby comes with several benefits including.

  • You can design your dream house. Sometimes it can be difficult to describe what you want to your architect. The back-and-forth between you and your architect can inflate costs.
  • You can tap into other hobbies. Architectural skills can help you get into hobbies like historical recreation, green design, set design, and many others.
  • It is easy to get into. These days, there are plenty of software that can help you design buildings and even whole cities cheaply.

> Architecture DIY Project Ideas

Here are some architecture DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Design your dream house using Sketchup, Autodesk, or Unreal Engine.
  2. Create your dream home as a scale model.
  3. Recreate historical buildings as scale models.
  4. Create a virtual town on Unreal Engine.

> Beginner Architecture Course

Learn how to design your own buildings using this Autodesk Revit course available at Domestika.

15. Homesteading

Homesteading involves living a self-sufficient lifestyle where you grow your own food and make most of what you need to survive.

I consider homesteading the ultimate DIY hobby because it encompasses all kinds of DIY skills, such as building, canning, soap-making, carpentry, gardening, and sewing.

> The Benefits of a Homesteading Hobby

The most important benefits you can get from having a homesteading hobby include,

  • You become self-sufficient. Homesteading forces you to learn all kinds of skills that you need to survive alone.
  • You live a low-impact lifestyle. Homesteading allows you to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle that is low-impact and low-stress. This is ideal if you are tired of the rat race.
  • You live an outdoor lifestyle. If you are tired of living a life of being cooped up inside your house or office all day, homesteading can be a welcome change.

> Homesteading DIY Project Ideas

Here are some interesting homesteading DIY projects that you can try.

  1. Build a wind-powered water pump using old metal barrels.
  2. Build a greenhouse from plastic sheeting.
  3. Build a solar water heater using PVC pipes and plastic bottles.
  4. Make an automated hydroponics system.
  5. Make your own soap using coconut oil and lye.

> Beginner Homesteading Course

For an introduction to how you can start homesteading and make money from it, check out the course Living Farm available at Udemy.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article has gotten you excited about taking up a DIY hobby.

Although the initial learning curve can be high, many opportunities will open up once you are proficient at your chosen DIY skill. You will spend many happy hours lost in your creative activities.

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